Slicked Back Hairstyles Trends for 2024

Latest hairstyles trends are all about slicked back hairstyles with wet look that are simple yet so sexy and stylish. No matter you have short or super long hair, you will be able to create slicked back wet hairstyle in five minutes. Such effortlessly chic and stunning hairstyle will be perfect option for hot summer, so do not waste your time on creating complicated hairstyle and opt for slicked back hairstyle./

2014 summer slicked hairstyles

There are numerous slicked back hairstyles like simple loose hair, slicked back ponytail or up-do hairstyle. All slicked back hairstyles of new season have the same wet look and I must say that such style looks really bold and stylish. Draw some inspiration from this following selection of 2022 slicked back hairstyles that will help you to create gorgeous look with minimal effort.

slicked back hair 2014

loose hair with wet effect

Slicked back hairstyle with wet look is the one that makes you look like you’ve just come out of the pool and this style is definitely the one that will keep all eyes on you. Furthermore, this simple hairstyle will be perfect lifesaver from bad hair days. The main detail of such hairstyle is wet effect on the crown area and completely dry hair on the edges. You can create the style on any hair texture and there is no need to style them beforehand.

If you want to create similar hot look, all you will need is styling gel and brush. First backcomb hair, apply styling gel on the crown area and make sure you spread it thoroughly. At last you can leave the edges loose or fix them with hair clip.

messy pulled up hairstyle 2014

slick back ponytail hairstyle 2014

Another great style that will be just perfect for summer is pulled up or loose hairstyle with full wet look. This style is as easy to do as the previous one. In this case you should spread styling gel all over your hair. If you think that styling gel with make your hair dry, you can mix it with shine oil. Once you create wet look you can leave hair loose or style it in simple up-do hairstyle. One more trick that will help you to create slicked back hairstyle with wet effect is sea salt. Again, backcomb hair, spray sea salt all over the tresses and fix the style with tiny amount of hair wax. At last create messy bun or twisted up-do that will complete your sexy look. COPYRIGHT © HAIRSTYLES, HAIRCUTS AND HAIR COLORS ON HAIRSTYLES_GALAXY.COM