Stylish bangs Hairstyles for Narrow Foreheads

Stylish haircut has great impact on your image that’s why you should be very careful when choosing new style. Modern haircuts as well as styling techniques will help you to adopt any desired style but before thinking about new do you’d better analyze your facial features and then choose new style. Facial features like round or square face shape, large or narrow forehead can be easily hidden with proper haircut. If you want to add length to your narrow forehead and create an illusion of proportionate face shape you just need to opt for right haircut. So do not waste your time searching the web and take a peek at these examples of stylish bangs for narrow forehead and pick the best one for your hairstyle.

baby bang hairstyle

short bang hairstyle

In fact, bang is the best trick to frame your face and at the same time hide your imperfections be it large or narrow forehead, round cheeks or chin. There are numerous styles of bangs that will be gorgeous complement to any hairstyle but when it comes to bang style for narrow forehead you should take into account only the styles that will open your face. Some may think that it will be better to hide narrow forehead and thus create proportionate face shape. I must say that it is not right.

Stylish bangs Hairstylesstylish bang hairstyle

First style to be mentioned is baby bang that will beautifully open your face and create an illusion of large forehead. Baby bang will be a gorgeous complement to short and layered medium haircut. You can create blunt cut bang and choose more fashionable and funky choppy bang that will add edgy and sexy touch to your image. Asymmetric choppy bang is next best option to open your face and emphasize your best features. In order to create stunning look keep on hand flat iron and wax to have super sleek bang.

choppy bang hairstyle

stylish choppy bang

If you are looking for bang style that will complete your long elegant hairstyle, choose layered side bang. This trick will open forehead and make it look larger. Style your bang with flat iron and smoothing cream for more natural and lovely look or you can create flipped bang for flirty and dramatic look.

layered side bang hairstyle

side swept bang hairstyle