The Top 8 Hairstyles for Oval Faces of This Week

Choosing the perfect haircut and haircuts for your face shape is not a simple game to play. Women should be careful while changing their haircut. No matter you have long or short hair, you should find the best haircut for your face. With the right haircut you will not only look prettier but will also bring out your pretty facial features. The final result will make you feel more confident and attractive. If you are looking for a trendy hairstyle for your face shape then check out the following collection. It is going to help you find the suitable hairstyle for you./


This is the most attractive face shape as it works with many haircuts and hairstyles. You can experiment with the options which draw attention to your shiny eyes. For example, long boho waves, short shaggy bob or pixie haircuts, long layered haircut with bangs and cute classy straight hairstyles. All these styles compliment oval face shapes and highlight the charm of your facial features. Some of them allow you to hide your forehead and to look subtler.


Oval shapes provide your face with sharp angles you need trendy haircuts which can soften and make the face slender. In this case choose hairstyles which add some length to it like short tempered haircuts, straight lobs or pretty eye-skimming bangs. Generally straight hairstyles are great for oval face shapes but in case you want to go for some festive solutions then choose soft rounded and delicate wavy hairstyles.


These type of face shapes are generally longer than the ordinary oval shapes. In order to make it look better you should pick hairstyles which bring some width to the shape. Ask your hairstylist for a short chin length bob haircut or for a short layered style. Add some side swept bangs to your long haircuts and go for wavy hairstyles. They will widen the face and keep the attention on the beautiful layered, short or bang cuts.


Heart face shapes are considered to have both angles and width. Here you are expected to bring the look to a possible symmetrical shape. So, go for straight, blunt or wispy bangs with long and updo hairstyles. If you want a short haircut then choose a bob or pixie with long bangs. As for the hairstyles, create relaxed wavy and bouncy hairdos. They look fascinating with heart-shaped faces.


It is obvious that in the case of oval face shapes the hairstylist should create a longer-looking effect. That is to say, he/she should add length by the means of side swept bangs and layered haircuts. When it comes to short haircuts you must be quite carful as the majority of pixie and bob styles make face look rounder. So, high-volume short haircuts with bangs could be the best options for you.