Top 5 Haircuts for 2017

You can start the year with a new innovative haircut. It will change your appearance and feelings as well. A new haircut or color is the best way to boost your confidence and breathe a new life to your strands. There are various haircuts that are both feminine and low-maintenance but today we have selected top 5 haircuts for 2017 that are going to hit the season and make the wearer stand out. However, whatever length you choose to go for, always keep in your mind that it looks better with lots of texture.Top 5 Haircuts for 2017Shag Haircuts

Shag haircuts are gone viral! Celebrities and beauty bloggers embrace this old trend while making it look even more stylish. Everyone knows that shags are not new but they are evolving. Shaggy haircuts are being created with the help of lots of layers. It is important to give the strands innovative layers otherwise the shag will look outdated and boring.Shag HaircutsSleek Asymmetrical Bob

There are a few haircuts that look as luxurious as sleek asymmetrical bob. The best asymmetrical bob haircuts have shoulder length. The design requires a slightly longer side to create contrast with the other side. Well, sleek asymmetrical bob requires some time for styling as it looks good in a stick-straight style. Probably you will need to straighten your strands every morning.Sleek Asymmetrical BobChin Gazing Bob

The chin-length bob is a great option for ladies who are growing out their pixie haircut. You can rock chin-length bob in various styles- straight, curly, pinned up and etc. However this cut is not new but women love to pull it off. The most important thing to consider while pulling off this hairstyle is your face features as it tends to bring out your flaws.Chin Gazing BobBoyish Haircut

In 2017 we will see lots of ladies with boyish haircuts. These cuts are pretty bold and require commitment. Females with subtle and soft face features can freely rock this hairstyle. However the look should be perfectly balanced. In order to find the best cut for your face features, consult with your stylist-only after that you can be sure whether the cut is for you or not.Boyish HaircutBox Braids

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