Pixie Haircuts with Bangs – 16 Terrific Tapers

Pixie Haircuts with bangs seem to be inseparable parts of short female hairstyles because the majority of pixie cuts look boyish without bangs. Hairstylists recommend to add stylish bangs to short pixie cuts in order to soften the look and the structure of the haircut. Besides bangs are back and they are trendy for 2024 and you are welcome to try out the many styles of bangs this year. Here are represented the recent 16 pixie haircuts with bangs for 2024. If you are thinking of a brand new look or just want to refresh your short haircut then be inspired by the following trendy versions.

#1 Short Pixie Haircut with Straight Bangs

pixie haircut with straight bangs 2016

Women with naturally straight hair can match their pixie haircut with sharp and full bangs. Those who have fine locks may find it a good idea to ad straight bangs which provide with some visual fullness on the front part. They can be styled into side swept or spiky hairstyles according to your style, taste and preferences. Since straight hair is harsh and sleek bangs make it look subtle and chic.

#2 Pixie Haircut with Layered Bangs

layered pixie with layered bangs 2016

It is more than obvious that layered haircuts look perfect with layered bangs. Pixies are not exceptions and if you have gone for a short layered pixie haircut then definitely complete it with shaggy layered bangs. Compared with so many haircuts layered styles are versatile and give plenty of styling options from waves to straight effects. Layered bangs are beautiful both in short and long styles.

#3 Curly Pixie with Bangs

curly pixie with bangs 2016

The loveliness of messy curls is more delicate in short haircuts. These pixies are girlish and cute especially with messy bangs. Actually it’s better to pair them with short curly bangs instead of long fringes as short curls add the tender and posh touch. They make the hairstyle trendy and sophisticated. As natural curls are unruly and fly-away your hairstyle will sparkle with its fresh and luscious reflection.

#4 Pixie Haircut with Asymmetrical Bangs

pixie haircut with asymmetrical bangs 2016

Basically asymmetrical pixie haircuts are achieved due to long bangs which look like half-bob hairstyles. In order to get a feminine pixie hairstyle you may keep one side longa and the other side quite short. This contrast is ideal when the front locks have the full bang effect. They frame your face from one side and highlight the charm of the other side. Thus you get a unique and stylish haircut with soft bangs.

#5 Pixie Haircut with Side Swept Bangs

pixie haircut with side swept bangs 2016

What about the dainty side swept bangs? They are the trendiest bang styles for the moment. These flexible bangs are combined with any haircut and hairstyle. They are the best friends of short pixie haircuts. Celebrities know how to take their short styles to the next level. Steal the professional approaches of their hairstylists and create your own trendy style.

#6 Shaggy Pixie with Extra Long Side Bangs

#7 Razored Pixie Bob with Temple Undercut

#8 Long Shaggy Blonde Balayage Pixie

#9 Long Razored Pixie for Fine Hair


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#10 Neat Tapered Pixie for Straight Hair

#11 Long Dark Reddish Brown Pixie


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