Beautiful Mermaid Hairstyles

Every girl has once dreamt of looking like a real mermaid with beautiful long hair and dazzling makeup. This became the conception of runway show where Alberta Ferretti represented new collection inspired by mermaids and sea. Hair gurus have chosen slicked long hairstyles to create mermaid look and this fashion show became a real parade of mermaids from fairy tale.

beautiful mermaid hairstyle slicked mermaid hairstyle

This runway show was really amazing and I decided to introduce you some of the hottest hairstyles. Mermaid hairstyle is actually popular slicked hair with wet effect and there is nothing complicated about such design. Wet touch is very important in order to have real mermaid look so before beginning the styling process purchase styling gel with wet effect and learn these few styling steps to have beautiful mermaid hairstyle.

mermaid hairstyle styling step 1 mermaid hairstyle styling step 2

I will introduce you all the steps offered by pro hair gurus so you will definitely have picture perfect look. After washing hair spritz volumizier on damp hair and leave it dry. Use wide toothed comb to brush hair back. For flawless look fix the style with some hair clips and leave hair dry naturally. When hair is dry, remove clips and apply tiny amount of styling gel to the roots. Make sure you smudge it thoroughly. At last, finish the look with shine serum for perfect fairy look.

Mermaid hairstyle will have even more eye catching look when combined with cute accessory and mermaid makeup. Such image will be perfect for parties so keep in mind this style if you want to stand out in a crowd.