How to Style Long Hair

Long hair may be fun and flexible.  It can be also disappointing when you are not sure how to rock them.  It is not so hard to get stuck in a path by styling long hair in a ponytail day after day.

Rock a messy “just left the beach” outlook in several minutes. Begin with washing and conditioning your hair. Comb any braid when the conditioner is on. Let some part fall. While your hair is wet, gathering it by letting the ends fall into your hand and after, push the hair upward to the root.  Gather hair all on the top of your head and let it dry itself. Later use some anti-frizz product in larger parts from the ends upward.  Gather again. If you have straight hair from nature, roll several 1-inch parts around a medium-size curling iron for several seconds and with the help of your fingers separate the curl. Use a hairspray.

long hair style

Make a marvelous curly style. Heat several rollers and when they are ready, the medium side rollers use in the front part and roll 2-inch sections up and turn away from face. Large rollers use in the sides and of course in the back part, rolling 2 inch parts in different directions, using all your hair. Let the rollers stay for about 10 minutes. With the help of your fingers separate the curls, use some hair spray. When the hairspray is dry, finish everything with a little amount of anti-frizz or glossing product.

Experiment with fancy up-do. Blow-dry your hair. Gather the hair to a ponytail with the help of hair elastic. Take 2-inch part of the ponytail smooth, with the help of your fingers roll it down in any direction, tightening it with the help of bobby pins to the top part. Make several rolls with remained ponytail, attaching every roll to your head in the same way.  Make sure to change the direction of the rolls.

Refresh the ponytail. Choose the front section of your hair and put it forward in the front part of your face. Throw the remained hair back, away from your face. Gather your hair that is on the front section of your face and put down behind it with the help of your hand. Use some firm-hold hairspray. Brush all the hair into a marvelous ponytail about an inch down to the top part of your head. Gather with hair elastic. Use a little amount of hairspray.