Trendy Haircuts for Long Hair 2017

It has been a while stylists didn’t offer us modern long hairstyles. Everyone was into the short and medium hair trends and long-haired beauties are already tired of the same slicked back, center parted or messy styles. What about new haircuts for long hair in 2017?  Nowadays we see many celebrities rocking extra-long hairstyles with extensions. However, there are cases when stylish women experiment with edgier styles without going too short. Let’s take a look at the trendiest looks.long hairstyles for 2017Long Undercut for Women

Half-shaved haircuts are surely not for everyone. They are super eye-catching and they are worn only by brave women. If you are one of them then join the group of long-haired stunners who rock undercuts. This bold haircut grabs attention from the first sight. It’s contrasting and looks so interesting.long undercut for women 2017Long Haircut with Short Bangs

Those who want to stand out with their unique style should definitely experiment with short bangs. They are cute, stylish and look very beautiful with long hair. opt for a fresh long layered haircut and chop off your front strands into lovely short bangs. They can be blunt, straight, side swept or asymmetrical but the concept is keeping it short enough so that your eyes and half of your forehead could be visible.  long haircut with short bangs 2017Extra-Long Natural Curls

If you don’t mind keeping your natural curls as long as possible then you really love your hair type. This is the most annoying yet the most eye-catching hair type that you can see among women. Such mess on the head could look beautiful only if you take the proper care for it. Make sure you refresh it with regular cuts and hair products. Avoid using heating tools to keep this hairstyle as shiny as possible. It’s very gorgeous in loose semi-updo hairstyles, side swept looks and big updos.extra long natural curls 2017Asymmetrical Haircut for Long Hair

One of the easiest ways to make your long hair interesting is cutting it off into an asymmetrical style. The structure of the asymmetry is up to you. You must choose a style that flatters both your hair texture and face. You can also consider some styles of half lob and half layered haircut that look thick and textures. Other options include undercuts, half-shaved and layered styles.long asymmetrical haircut 2017Two-toned Hair Split for Long Hair

The two-toned hair split is ideal when hair is long and thick. This trick is perhaps the most extravagant and unusual one among all of the possible ideas for long locks. You can go for it when you can’t’ decide between two shades and you feel comfy in both shades at the same time.two-toned hair split 2017