Handsome Haircuts for Black Men for 2022

It is true that black men have a rich choice of haircuts regardless of their hair length-short, medium and long. Most of men prefer to wear medium-length haircuts because they are both low-maintenance and offer various styles. It is not a secret that the haircut can tell much about your nature and preferences. Fun personalities prefer natural curly look or braided hairstyles. Most popular hairstyles for Afro-American men involve fades, undercuts, curls etc. If you are lack of inspiration, then check out our post about haircuts for black men for 2022.Handsome Haircuts for Black Men for 2022Retro Inspired Haircut

This is a typical retro inspired hairstyle that has been popular many years ago. It has already made its great comeback. The sides have been tapered while the top has a visible height. This style is possible to achieve if you are an Afro-American man and have a kinky hair type. With this statement hairstyle you don’t need to keep facial hair since it is great without it too.Retro Inspired HaircutCurly Low Fade

You don’t need to hide your natural curls since they can make a gorgeous hairdo. Let your curls grow out and apply some styling gel to keep them looking shiny and healthy. Curls will look straightforward if you pair them with line up and low fade. However the natural texture of this hairstyle is everything. You can wear it either casually and formally.Curly Low FadeClean Black Fade

It is the most stylish men’s hairstyle that looks classic. Well, to sport this style you will need to go for a nape fade and line up. As you see it is not necessary to go for lots of height because this option looks cool too. In case if you are looking for a textured yet smooth look add some waves. Consider growing your facial hair out since this cut looks better with thick beard style.Clean Black FadeAfro-American Fade

This is the most signature hairstyle of Afro-American men. This headdress requires lots of texture and height. Because of having natural kinky strands, black men can easily achieve this style. It is for men with fun nature. If you are also ready to go for experiments and draw lots of attention then consider wearing this headdress.Afro-American FadeHigh Black Fade with Lines

Black men’s hairstyles take on sleek and chic forms when they are waved and paired with creative patterns. This faded cut with a thick, shaved part is running from a forehead to create a cool and funky look. It is a hairstyle for all occasions and it looks great without facial hair as well. However, go for regular touchups to keep the design in form.  High black Fade with Lines