12 Sleek Short Messy Hair Ideas To Try This Week

It is time to forget about cold winter days and get ready for hot summer. In order to become a real trendsetter of new season it is wise to learn few lifesaving beauty guidelines that will help you to keep all eyes on you. It is not a secret that hairstyle is first condition of having stunning look so let’s talk about summer hairstyles that will spice up your look with hot and sexy twists./


The greatest thing about summer hairstyle is simple and natural style that will be suitable for hot weather. Complicated hairstyles will look ridiculous so leave sophisticated styles for formal occasions and opt for relaxed messy hairstyles..


Talking about messy hairstyles, I must say that the trend of messy style is really strong. Recent red carpet events and fashion shows are all about messy hairstyles so if you are in need of some inspiration, take a peek at these examples of summer messy hairstyles ideas and learn few simple tricks to create similar hot look.


Messy hairstyle is really easy to do and you will be able to create stunning look having minimal styling skills. No matter you choose loose messy hairstyle or messy pulled up style you will look sexy. If you liked the idea of having effortlessly chic and gorgeous hairstyle, keep on hand blow dryer, round brush, styling products and get ready for makeover.


Depending on your face shape you can wear center parted, side parted or simply backcombed hair. When your hair is still damp apply volumizing mouse and blow dry hair with round brush. Do not try to create sleek and neat style, just dry hair and leave it a bit tousled.


Next trick to create summer messy style is simple braid. All you need is to braid hair and leave it overnight. Then unplait hair in the morning and apply tiny amount of shine serum. Voila, your sexy beach wavy hairstyle is ready.


If you want to create feminine look you can opt for messy half up-do or simple pulled up hairstyle that will beautifully open your face and highlight your best features. You can simply pull back the sides and secure them at the nape. Or you can wear side swept flirty style that will be gorgeous complement to formal outfit.


Messy up-do hairstyle is the best option for hot summer days. There are zillion options to create glamorous look like messy ponytail, simple bun up-do, twisted or braided hairstyles. All these styles are easy to do and will take less than ten minutes to create breathtaking look.