Twisted Ponytail Hairstyle

I love ponytail hairstyle and I love experimenting with different designs of ponytail that’s why I never stop searching for new ponytail hairstyles.
Recently I have found amazing styles of ponytail that look so cute and creative. The first thing that I noticed that those styles are very easy to do yet they look so gorgeous and sexy. I decided to create similar do and I really liked it and so I am sharing my thoughts with you.
Twisted ponytail that I am going to represent you will be beautiful complement to any outfit. It can also become perfect choice from bad hair days. If you have at least shoulder length hair, learn these styling steps to create cute twisted ponytail hairstyle.
twisted-hairstyle twisted-hairstyle 2013
Begin the styling process by blow drying hair with round brush. Do not try hard to create sleek hair, instead, try to add a bit messy effect to hair. When you finished styling hair, make deep side parting
and spritz hairspray to set hair. Then pull hair to the opposite side and comb slightly. Now you can start twisting hair. Begin twisting it at the ear line and fix each section with pin. Continue twisting hair till you reach ear line and secure with rubber band. The edges of ponytail can be styled wavy or sleek. You can also leave few strands to make your hairstyle more relaxed and glamorous.
If you have medium haircut, you can have similar hairstyle without ponytail. You can repeat all steps that I mentioned before but continue twisting hair till the end.
elegant-twisted-ponytail twisted up-do hairstyle