Genius Styling Ideas for Ladies with Short Hair

Nowadays short hairstyles are widely popular. The main reason is that they are easy to maintain. However, the notion that short ‘dos are limited is absolutely outdated. Here are some genius styling options for ladies with short hair that will definitely provide with new ideas on how you can play up with your strands for a whole new look. 
Chic Crown Braid 

Ready to braid your hair in a chic crown plait? First, draw a simple side part and then Dutch braid your hair diagonally starting from the left side of the part. After braiding simply twist the plaint in a simple bun on the back of your head. Use bobby pins to keep the bun in place. If you are looking for a very neat and polished headdress, make sure to apply hair products. Chic Pixie Haircut 

Your pixie have never looked so charming. We offer you to keep your short strands smooth and sleek and accessorize it with two lovely headbands over your hair. To make sure that everything stays in place, layer your bejeweled headband. You are going to end up with a flawless look that will not only draw attention but also make you the queen of the day. However, the choice of headband is up to you. Pinned Bangs 

Well, everyone will admit that bangs have a power to change up one’s look radically but sometimes they can be irritating. There is a solution for such cases as well. Choose some cute bobby pins and pin your bangs back. Use as many bobby pins as you want and make sure that they are enough to hold your bangs in place. The best example is showcased below so use it as a source of inspiration for yourself. Faux Bangs and Headband 

Have you ever thought of getting some bangs without cutting your hair? Well, it is possible and you can do that by making a deep side part and sweeping your hair across  your forehead. Secure it behind one side of your head. I assure you there is nothing easier than creating a hairstyle like this. You can make the style formal by wearing an appropriate headband. Braided Hairstyle 

Never fear to use your creativity for a unique hairstyle like this. It is the reverse version of the braids you create everyday as you need to start right from the nape of your neck. After creating a nape braid, simply divide your hair into right and left sides and braid. Finish the look by gathering all the braids and securing in a chic updo- just like this one.