8 Formal Updos for Exciting Days for 2021

Merged Braids

Take a section from top of hair and make a fishtail braid. Then cross the braids one another and bring them up to the crown part of the head. Secure where hair needs to be secured and leave some front strands for a flirty vibe.

Merged Braids updo hairstyle 2016

Merged Braids updo hairstyle 2021

Romantic Twist Hair

Romantic twists work everywhere. Take a minute to look at this elegant pony which is perfect for all occasions. So, start from combing your hair straight back, then pull half of the top hair back into a tight twist and pin, so that you will have a look of half updo. Then pull some other portion of hair and again pin above the ear, keep repeating with lower hair sections of hair too. Finish when you have already done with all hair strands.

twisted ponytail 2016

twisted ponytail 2021

Elegant Bun

This sophisticated bun is also created with twists. It will take just couple of minutes to complete the look. It is really pretty simple, pull back, wrap and pin. This is all you need to achieve the following updo.

elegant twisted bun 2016

elegant twisted bun 2021

Plaited Formal Updo

Plated formal updo is as simple as previous twisted updo. Just braid your hair aside and then pin it underneath, quick easy and low maintenance hairdo which will definitely add a flattering and elegant touch to your look.

Plaited Formal Updo

Plaited Formal Updo

French Twist

One thing that I truly love about updo hairstyles is that they have a complicated look, while you need just minutes to create one of them. Textured French updo is perfect for thin hair and it can be done with any hair length. Elegant yet modern French twist will bring out the beauty of your hair color.

cool french twisted hairstyle 2016

cool french twisted hairstyle 2021


French Braid Bun

Braided updos are really versatile. For this sweet look you will need to French braid your locks then simply tie off the bottom into a simple bun. You can do it either sleek or messy.

cool braided updo

cool braided updo

Chignon Formal Updo

Another variation of updo which is created with a fishtail is represented below. This updo is sophisticated but not so complicated one if you decide to pull it off. Spray well, so that it will stay in its place.

Chignon Formal Updo

Chignon Formal Updo

Spiral Bun

This is another quick and simple idea when you need sleek and neat hair as fast as possible. To recreate this look you will need to divide your hair into three sections and make the middle section the biggest one. Make a low pony and by twisting create a bun. Take locks from the side sections and wrap them around the bun.

spiral bun

spiral bun

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