New Ways for Styling Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

I assure you, half up half down updos are ladies’ favorite hairdos and there are reasons. First, half up half down hairstyles can be quite versatile due to small details and second, they are easy to create. Right now, braided and twisted half updos are having a moment. You can dress it down formally with a chic gown, or pull it off casually with a minimalistic dress. However, it is always good to find new ways for wearing a half up half down hairstyle. Go on reading to see some ravishing half updos for ladies with medium to long hair.half updo hairstylesNeat Cornrow Bun

Create a badass bun by throwing in some sharp cornrows. Cornrows have always been popular and recently they are seen paired with medium to long tresses. Cornrows work especially well with medium-length strands. All you need to do is to weave cornrows at the front and then pull them back and secure in a simple bun. Style the rest of tresses wavy for a cute look like this. You can never go wrong with a headdress like this.Neat Cornrow BunTop Knot Hairstyle

Everyone knows that girls create a topknot when they want to pull the strands back effortlessly. If you also have an intention to create a topknot take example from this stunning model and opt for a loopy top knot. It is way more stylish than the regular topknot. If you are brave enough to go for a pastel hair color your half updo will look bold yet super trendy.Top Knot HairstyleHalf Updo Floral Bun

It is the highest moment to take your half updo a notch higher with a flower design achieved with your own strands. The following half updo is unique and the fishtail that starts right from the bun makes it even more impressive. Indeed, it is a style that you can rock both casually and formally. A good hair color is bonus for the style. Try it for yourself and you will not regret.Half Updo Floral BunSleek Top Knot

And here we are with a sleek updo style for ladies who love keeping things neat and polished. It is topknot that uses minimal elements. The entire style requires straightening your strands and by pulling some sections up create a neat bun on the top of the head. This neat half up half down hairstyle is appropriate for any environment. Finish the style with hairspray to make sure that your bun will stay in place all day long.Sleek Top KnotBraided Half Updo for Short Hair

Luckily, half updos work on short hair too. You can still add twists and braids to make your half up half down style pop up. The following headdress is the best proof. It requires braiding the front and pulling it back in a half up half down design. With bolder color your half updo will look more edgy and trendy. Go ahead with the style and make a bold statement. Braided Half Updo for Short Hair