14 Trendy Long Hairstyles for Women to Rock in 2024

If you are a true beauty bunny with super long tresses, you need to know several secrets that will glam up your look in a flash. It is high time to forget about casual and boring styles and practice your skills to create more gorgeous and sexy hairstyle./

Long hairstyle of course looks hot and sexy but if you do not take care of it in proper way, your hairstyle will soon look dull and boring. Long tresses need much attention so you should be ready to devote your precious time to take care of your locks. In order to keep your hair in perfect condition try to use high class styling tools and products that will be less harmful for hair.


2014 long hairstyle with blunt bang


2014 Glamorous Long Hairstyles Ideas


long hairstyle with massive blunt bang


If you want to upgrade your super long hairstyle and still do not want to make dramatic changes, you can add stylish bang to long hair. This season blunt bang is very popular so choose eyebrow sweeping massive bang to complete your super long hairstyle!


loosy wavly hairstyle 2014


2014 long wavy hairstyle


2014 curly long hairstyle


2014 loose curly hairstyle


Soft curly hairstyle is still the best option to create romantic and angelic look. Furthermore, curly hairstyle is the buzzword of 2022 spring and summer, so do not miss your chance to stand out in a crowd with your ultra-hot look. If you are blessed with natural curls or waves you can simply apply shine serum and create girlish look. For more glamorous and flirty look opt for vintage wavy hairstyle that will look irresistible on any occasion.



#102014 long fluffy curls


2014 vintage wavy hairstyle


2014 romantic wavy hairstyle

Last trendy hairstyle that will transform your casual and boring look is bouncy and fluffy curls that look so feminine and angelic. This retro hairstyle has come back with new allure and now is very popular among celebs. You can easily create bouncy curls with the help of hot rollers or curling iron. Once you have styled your hair with curling iron comb hair to add extra volume. At last, finish the look with shine serum to glam up your look.