2014 Oscars Hairstyles

2014 Oscars have already taken place and now we have collection of luxurious celebrity hairstyles to copy. All below shown hairstyles will be perfectly suitable for formal occasions and if you are in need of some new styling ideas you are in a right place.


You know them and you love them. Beauty bunnies look so cute and adorable wearing evening gowns and designer accessories but of course we will put the accent on celebrity hairstyles from 2014 Oscars.

Charlize Theron with her unique sexuality looks flawless wearing short bob haircut. She wore her hair deep side parted and slicked that made her beautiful features even more accentuated and attractive.

Contrastive image to short hairstyle is Jessica Biel’s wavy side hairstyle. Deep side parted hairstyle opened her neck that was decorated with luxurious necklace. Deep side parting was very popular and you could see celebrities wearing deep side parted hairstyles now and then.

Julia Roberts completed her beautiful evening gown with side parted wavy up-do. Simple pulled up hairstyles are very popular among celebrities and even for such great occasions like The Oscars they are more likely to choose simple styles than complicated up-dos.

Do you love vintage waves? Though Margot Robbie changed her golden locks and got chocolate brown hair she looked so irresistible with deep side parted wavy hairstyle.

Amy Adams chose classy French twist that was a perfect choice for her blue mermaid dress. Of course she looks more attractive and girlish with loose red hair but looking elegant and luxurious was never faux pas.

Another example of stunning short hairstyle is Jennifer Lawrence’s backcombed blonde hair. I cannot say whether she looks more attractive with black or blonde hair but she definitely has everything to be in the limelight.

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