Casual Hairstyles for Women

Elizabeth-Olsen messy hair

Every girl wants to be pretty and fashionable in a casual event. If you have medium hair, you may choose various forms to be wonderful in every casual event without any effort.   Here are shown some styles which can be worn in casual events and match any face shape.

Ballerina bun is the simplest hairstyle that may be made in a twinkle of an eye and it’s wonderful not only for casual events but also formal, wedding, prom. The size of your bun depends on the length of your hair. Women who have medium length hair may wear a medium size bun just like a Ballerina style. To reach this style, first   you should use hair spray all over your head. Create a side section and then with the help of hair brush pull all the hair back next to the part line. Gather your hair back to create a ponytail and tighten it with elastic that suits your hair color.

Ballerina Bun Updo Hairstyle


updo hair 2014

Updo hairstyles 2014

Messy Up do Hairstyles

If you want to have this stylish and messy hairdo of Elizabeth Olsen, first provide you hair with spray. Take a curling iron and begin t curl your hair at the back part of your head. Be sure that the ends of your tresses remain out of curling iron all the while the process. In the front section of your face do the same. Then with the help of your fingers shake the air at the neck to be even messier. After, gather remained parts of your hair towards the middle section of the back and keep it with the help of a clip. In the end leave some parts of your hair to frame your face.

Olsen Messy Up do hairstyles

Elizabeth-Olsen messy hair

Razored Medium Hairstyle 

This is a wonderful choice for those who wish to look fresh in summer days. There are many ways to reach this style. Use hairspray to make your tresses wet. Take a part in the back part and lift up to 45 degrees. Use a razor at the center of the chunk and chop the hair to get rid of length and weight. Then, cut the hair at 2 sides from front to back. Create a V-shaped section line at the top and chop an asymmetrical bang. The bang is positioned in the right to be mixed with hair at right part. Dry your hair.

Razor medium hairstyle

Razored medium haircut

Casual medium wavy hairstyle

This style is perfect for those who have natural wavy hair. The hair of various layers can be cut to create the wavy hair more bouncy. Trim your hair every 4-6 weeks to get rid of split ends.

casual medium wavy hairstyles 2014

Medium to long wavy hairstyles

Medium Bob Hairstyles 

cute bob hairstyle

Medium bob hairstyles