Hairstyles that Are the Best for Round Faces

Will a blunt bob complement my cheeks? Will the bangs go with my facial features? Can I wear a side-parted hairstyle or not? These are the questions that girls with round faces ask all the time. Indeed, there are so many hairstyles that are the best for round faces. In case, if you think it is hard for you to choose something according to your face, or you just want some changes and you are looking for new ideas, check these impressive hairstyles that are great for women with round faces. Center Parted Ponytail 

Embrace roundness with a center-parted low ponytail. Incredibly beautiful Selena Gomez knows how to accentuate the beauty of her round cheeks. As you can see it is an excellent hairstyle to expose the beauty of the round face. The best thing is that hairstyle is easy to achieve. In case if you want to have it super sleek, consider using hair products to tame flyaway strands. 

Blunt Bob Haircut 

If you haven’t been sure about a blunt bob, then you need to see this eye-catching sample by your favorite celebrity. Taraji P. Henson offers a deep part on a blunt bob for those who have a round face. Still, it is a marvelous way to accentuate this gorgeous facial features. This sophisticated haircut is amazing both in a straight and wavy style, so you are free to choose your favorite version. 

Loose Waves 

A right chosen hairstyle is truly beneficial for women with round faces. Have a look at these loose waves and off-center part. Get the look if you want to make your cheeks appear slimmer. The waves falling down the cheeks will definitely camouflage the fullness of your cheeks. There is nothing easier than pairing the loose waves with an off-center part. Note that this hairstyle is great to wear formally as well as casually. 

Photo Credits: Creative Hairstyles