Most Requested Hairstyle Trends of 2022

New year is the best reason to change up your entire look- and your hair is the way to start with. According to popular hairstylists, there are some new hair trends on the horizon. It is said that 2022 hairstyles are all about embracing no-fuss hair trends. It is going to be a year of disheveled and undone hairdos. Beside brand new hairdos, there will be the comeback of various old styles. Here are the most requested hairstyle trends of 2022.modern hairstylesLow-Maintenance Bangs

Shaggy bangs are low-maintenance and work for everyone. They are great for creating an effortless cool-girl look. There are some types of bangs that are not full or blunt but they are getting wispy or part in the center. However, the bangs are less stressful and they will definitely make your haircut stand out. When it comes to your crop, it can be either long or short.Low-Maintenance BangsNew Shag Haircut

Shag gained more popularity in 2021 but it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down in 2022 as well. Shag might not be something new, but it is evolving the natural texture for a fresh look. The new shag is a lot easier to style. The advantage of rocking this new shag is that it adds lots of movement and dimension throughout the locks. Those who have fine hair shouldn’t  think twice before rocking this hairdo. shagVolumized Pixie 

If you are looking for a bit bold style, then this volumized pixie is definitely for you. Indeed, going for shorter styles is not an easy task but if you decided to chop off your locks, then here is your inspiration. The voluminous pixie is more than simple pixie. The style works exceptionally cool for those with curly hair. So, all you need to do is to air dry with a volumizing mousse and finish with a texturizing spray. Volumized Pixie Wash and Go Hair 

Wash and go hairstyles are all in rage. According to hairstylists their clients look for long silky locks paired with natural-looking waves. The waves are another wash and go style that doesn’t require heating tools. The best thing about the style is that it keeps your locks out of damage. If you don’t have natural waves, make sure to use hair products. wash and go hairstyleChin-Gazing Bob 

Chin-gazing bob is fabulous. It is not a new trend but it is going to be popular in 2022 as well. Chin-length bob is a capricious style that requires appropriate complexion. Since it draws attention to your  bone structure, make sure that it works for you. Obviously, this short style requires less time for styling. Chin-Gazing Bob