Ponytail Hairstyles for Face Shape

Hairstyle is very important aspect in every woman’s life and that’s why hair gurus will never stop admiring us with numerous trendy hairstyles. Before talking about new designs I want to mention that hairstyle should highlight your best features and at the same time hide imperfections. I am not going to talk about new haircuts; instead, I will show you popular and frequently chosen ponytail hairstyles for different face shapes.

ponytail for round face ponytails-for-face shape

I am sure that you have never thought that there will be different ponytail styles for face shapes so this post will be useful for you. If you have round face, you can easily make it look slimmer with cute ponytail hairstyle. All you need to do is to create high ponytail. Wavy tail with teased crown will be just perfect. If you have long bang, you can wear deep side parted ponytail where side bang will frame your face and hide wide cheeks.

ponytails for square face shape celebrity ponytail hairstyle

Square face shape will look softer and more feminine with suitable ponytail. Wavy ponytail will look great. You can complete it with loose strands that will place the accent on your eyes and make square jaw less visible.

Heart-shaped face looks cute and feminine; still, there are some styles that should be avoided. Wispy or blunt bang is the most important detail for heart-shaped face as it will hide large forehead and make face look proportionate. The style of ponytail can be sleek or wavy because bang will balance facial features.

ponytail for heart-shaped face nicole-richie-ponytail-hairstyle

Diamond face shape looks like oval face but here chin is a bit accentuated.  Ponytail should have volume on the crown area. If you have a bang, you can leave it loose.

Women with oval face shape can experiment with zillion haircuts and hairstyles. Any style of ponytail will be suitable for oval face; it can be slicked back neat ponytail, messy low tail, flirty side tail or any beautiful design that will bring out your natural beauty.

ponytail for oval face shape ponytail for diamond face shape