Rihanna Best Hairstyles

We can say for sure that Rihanna places the highest rates in the list of popular singers and this fact is proven by numerous awards. But today we are not going to talk about her talent, instead, I want to introduce you Rihanna’s the best hairstyles that can be perfect inspiration for your makeover.

Rihanna_wavy_long_hair Rihanna_wavy_long_hairstyle

Celebs just adore dramatic changes because this is one of the ways to stay in the limelight. Like true fashionista, Rihanna often goes for total makeovers changing her hair from long to super short. The gallery of Rihanna’s hairstyles is so large that it was rather difficult to pick the best ones. Nevertheless, I want to introduce you some long and short celebrity hairstyles as well as styling options to recreate Rihanna’s image.

Let’s begin with Rihanna’s long wavy hairstyle that is may be the cutest one. Natural curly texture of afro hair became her benefit and she really knew how to make the most of her long tresses. Whether she wore it super sleek, curly or in beach waves, she looks heart breaking.

Rihanna_asymmetric_bob Rihanna_black_undercut_hairstyle

If you also have natural curly hair, you can easily recreate her image. As a key element of Rihanna’s hairstyle you should create a bang. It can be deep side parted bang or a bit edgy asymmetric bang that will spice up your already smashing look. In case with wavy hair you can wear wavy side bang.

Want some drama? Check out Rihanna’s half-shaved hairstyle that made a real boom in hair trends. The combination of long hair on one side and short crop cut hair on the other looked so dramatic and sexy. Actually, Rihanna is the lover of bold and non-traditional hairstyles and this is only one of her dramatic images.

Rihanna_blonde_curly_hair Rihanna_corkscrew_curls

Rihanna_curly_bob_hairstyle Rihanna_glam_waves_long_hairstyle

Rihanna_high_volume_wavy_long_hairstyle Rihanna_red_victory_rolls_hair

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