10+ Cutest Pixie Haircuts with Bangs for a Face-Flattering Crop

Trends of wearing short pixie haircuts is increasing. Today many women and girls chop of their long haircuts into a boyish locks. Ho9vewrer this style of cut is not for everyone. Before going for any kind of pixie you should make sure you have chosen the most suitable one for your face shape. On the other hand pixie haircuts require quite slender and subtle facial features to look delicate. In this post you will find the cur cutest pixie cuts with bangs for a face-flattering Crop for 2023. If you are thinking of a new short haircut then decide which one of these hairstyles is great for you.



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Short and cute layers on the top part of your hair will add volume. This is perfect for women who have fine hair. If you go for a simple short pixie your haircut will look sleek and dull. So, layers are necessary in order to have a well-balanced and attractive pixie haircut


Ladies always find ways to soften their short haircuts and to break down the masculine touch in it. Adding highlights is a stylish way to beautify your haircut and to make it tenderer. Choose shades that go with your current hair color and skin tone. If you are fond of more dramatic and edgy hairstyle then pick vibrant colors. Blondes can go for cute pastel shades and brunettes may choose darker hues. Redheads already have a soft hairstyle due to their hair color but if you like you can add matching highlights to refresh it.



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Hairstylists always offer bangs for short pixie haircuts. The trendiest option is the side swept fringe. It is very feminine and seductive. This fringe hides your forehead partially and women who have large foreheads can choose just this one.


If you want to bring out your pretty facial features you may ask your hairstylist to provide you with a very short boyish pixie haircut. It will ideally showcase your face shape and facial features and will make your eyes pop out. This haircut looks cuter with short bangs which are comfy and will never annoy you.



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Why do we focus on blonde hair color? Because they are the best shades for pixie haircuts. Choose platinum blonde, Swedish blonde, ravishing buttery blonde or any other light blonde hair color to make your short pixie haircut girlish and prettier.

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Pompadours, spikes and faux hawk effects are cool for pixie haircuts. You can wear various shag hairstyles which will grab attention.

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