11 Gorgeous Half Up Half Down Hairstyles to Try in 2024

Half up half down hairstyles have come back with new allure and most women opt for flirty half down haircuts for any formal occasion. There isn’t better way to highlight your elegance and  femininity than Half up half down hairstyle. This article will show you few simple styling tips that will help you to recreate Brigitte Bardot elegant half updo hairstyle for new 2024. Brigitte Bardot was the beauty icon and true sex symbol of 60s and still is considered an inspiration for millions of women..

#1 Half-Up Box Braids

If you are looking for elegant hairstyle for coming formal party, keep on reading this article and you will surely be able to create perfect look.

#2 Pixie

In order to create half up bouffant hairstyle you should have long or at least medium hairstyle. If your hair is short, you can still create this style with the help of hair extensions. The most important detail of such hairstyle is texture so apply volumizing mousse on damp hair and style it with curling iron. After finishing the styling process brush your hair gently or run your fingers through hair to separate curls.

#3 Loose Ponytail

Next, separate section on the crown area and tease the roots to create bouffant. For long lasting style tease small sections separately but do not try too hard otherwise you will damage hair. Your retro hairstyle is almost ready. Now, brush gently the upper layer to hide teased roots and create polished style. Pull back two sides and fix them with few bobby pins. Take thin strands from two sides and again pull them back and secure with pins.

#4 Hipster Bun

At last, finish the look with strong hold hairspray that will set all flyaway strands and will provide you with long lasting hairstyle. If you want to copy all the details of Brigitte Bardot half up-do hairstyle, you should create well defined curls and extra voluminous hairstyle

#5 Frizz-Free Air Dry

#6 Double Top Knot

#7 Messy Side Braid

#8 Loose Low-Do