16 Prettiest Long Hairstyles Women Are Asking for 2024

If you have long hair and are looking for pretty hairstyles for it then this article is special for you. Here you will find the cutest long hairstyles for upcoming 2024. Have a look at them and choose hair styling ideas for your long hair to try in 2024. These are classy and seductive long hairdos that look more astounding in straight styles./

#1 Long Wavy Hair

Center parting hair is quite popular these days. It makes you look younger and cuter. Whenever you straighten your locks you can middle part it and tuck your front strands behind your ears. These hairstyles are great especially in case you have layers because layers frame your face beautifully.

#2 Dark Roots Light Hair

Ombre hair colors are ideally reflected on long straight tresses. If you have such then harry up and dye your hair in a subtle ombre hair color. Dark roots and light tips look very pretty on this hairstyle and change the simple look of your locks. There is also the reverse ombre hair coloring idea which draws much attention and looks unique.

#3 High Ponytail

Go for a layered haircut to update your hairstyle. If you have straight hair you may add some cool highlights on layers to bring out the structure of your haircut. You may like to combine it with long side bags to frame your face. Layers are very attractive in straight styles.

#4 Updo

As for ponytails you can get a classy look by a low straight pony. It will show off the luxury of your thick straight hair and will bring out your facial features. So, match it with subtle makeup. This hairdo is great for official meeting and goes with classy suits and outfits. You will have a cool business lady look.

#5 Side-swept hairstyle

Taking into consideration the fact that wet-look hairstyles are trendy in 2024 you may try a long straight sleek hairstyle. In order to achieve it you need to apply hair gel on the top of your and comb all of it back. Then leave it dry the way it is and enjoy your own stylish appearance.

#6 Half-Up, Half-Down

This is another wet-look hairstyle this time parted to a side and in a neater form. As you see it’s amazing with side parted locks which look like long bangs. The side parting makes your face expression girlish and youthful.

#7 Bouncy Curls


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Consider side pulled hairstyles in 2024 because they are in thing. This is for ladies who want to have a glam look with a simple hairstyle. Straightening your long hair you can easily go for a nice side pulled hairstyle.

#8 Side Pulled Hairstyle

#9 Braided Half Updo

#10 Straight Long Hair

#11 U-shaped haircut

#12 Long Haircuts with Frayed Ends

#13 Long Ponytail with Long Bangs

#14 Center Parted Long Wavy Hair


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