Fabulous Cornrows for 2022

There was a stereotype that cornrows can be worn only by Afro-American women but everything has changed and nowadays everyone can rock them. Cornrows have a complicated look but everyone can learn to braid them. You should spice up your cornrows with some vibrant shades or opt for colorful extensions. Any cornrow design will make your look ultra feminine and attractive. If you want, you can even go bold with these braids. Now check out the following cornrows for 2022 and get inspired from.Fabulous Cornrows for 2022Marley Rows

These braids are a perfect example for an excellent headdress. If you think that you can duplicate this look because of not having long locks, you need to consider using hair extensions. However, you can still update your beautiful cornrows with some inspiring hair highlights.marley rowsUnicorn Braids

There is so much fun in this design! It involves using some bright extensions to create some smooth and medium size twists that flow to the back. The best thing about these colorful extensions is that you don’t need to color your strands into various hues to achieve it. However, after getting the design you can be sure of having an attention grabbing style.unicorn braidsMultidirectional Cornrows

A simple movement of your cornrows can make a huge difference and provide you with a fashionable look. The rows have a fantastic look at the front that comes from weaving them in different directions but finishing all of them at the back. The hair has blonde shade that also makes the design stand out.cool multidirectional cornrowsClassy Straight Waves

If you have an experienced stylist then it will be too easy to create these straight backs. They involve knitting some dark toned locks and having several ones in between them to create a distinct look. As you see the braids look very thick and have an incredible length. It is a beautiful face framing design that will help you to draw attention.classy braidsUnfinished Rows

Some ladies are graced with amazing natural texture and so they will look gorgeous in almost any hairdo. This particular design requires weaving the strands halfway and leaving the rest of the unbraided strands flow down the back. Some face framing thin strands will upgrade the overall look.Unfinished Rows Side Rows with Waves

This hairstyle has only side rows that are the most important elements of the style. The rows are very effective because they imitate a faux undercut that makes it possible to sweep the strands aside and provide them you with more volume and texture. This elegant style will help you to emphasize your beautiful face features.side rows with waves COPYRIGHT © HAIRSTYLES, HAIRCUTS AND HAIR COLORS ON HAIRSTYLES_GALAXY.COM