Summer 2021 Hair Colors

More natural tone of blonde is apricot with golden touch. Such color is more often combined with darker highlights. Anyway this color is perfect for sun kissed skin.


Another natural tone is honey blonde that is something between light brown and golden blonde. Again this shade will be a perfect match for tanned skin. Moreover this color is easier to maintain.


Let’s get to darker shades. Brown sugar is a color that is darker than golden blonde but still it is not perfect brown. This color is more often combined with highlights to create an illusion of extra volume and movement.


Do you want to become one of those sexy brunettes? Both chestnut brown and Choco caramel shades will help you to become lady seductress with brown hair but make sure you have hair glaze by your hand to give tresses that blinding gloss.



What about red hair color? For 2021 summer red will be still hot. Make sure you can pull of such daring image with fiery red color?

Accentuate your porcelain skin with natural tones of red like deep auburn or copper penny and your angelic look will break many hearts.