Charlotte Olympia 2021: Retro Curly Hairstyles

How to Style: Fist of all pay attention to the haircuts. They are mainly medium to long layered haircuts which give the best chances to achieve glossy and textured curls. Then start with dry hair. Apply hair protective cream from the top to the tips. In order to get a glossy finish you should apply high-shine pomade or wax which will provide the desired healthy and sun-kissed effect. Then create a deep side parting on the top and start curling tresses into big and tight curls.

Charlotte Olympia 2016 retro hairstyles
Charlotte Olympia 2021 retro hairstyles

Use a large-sized curling iron and take hair section by section of all sides. Once you are done with curling fix the effect with strong-hold hair spray. Women who have thin hair should definitely tease it before curling to have the body and volume all over the head. If you have bangs then part them to one side and again curl. They will frame your face fantastically.

Charlotte Olympia curly hairstyle idea 2016
Charlotte Olympia curly hairstyle idea 2021

Finish with hair spray. Those who have short layers on the back part and they seem to be fly-away can secure them with bobby pins. As prom, wedding or party hairstyles retro curls are the most feminine and engaging styles for 2021.

Charlotte Olympia blonde curly hairstyle 2016
Charlotte Olympia blonde curly hairstyle 2021

Take examples from celebrities who have already discovered this style on their own. It is everywhere in the fashion world and though Charlotte Olympia is not the only fashion brand that uses this style but it is more than obvious that its hairstylist and designers have done their best to get the perfect trendy vintage curls. So, copy one of these looks in 2021 and capture many hears during the upcoming special party.

Charlotte Olympia curly hairstyles 2016
Charlotte Olympia curly hairstyles 2021
Charlotte Olympia curly hairstyle ideas 2016
Charlotte Olympia curly hairstyle ideas 2021