Formal Updo Hairstyles

When it comes to formal updos you have various options to choose, since they are versatile. If you want to have a chic and sophisticated updo, combine it with braids and twists but don’t forget to switch up your hair color too. I have selected the best formal hairstyles and color combinations to inspire you. These hairstyles will definitely make you feel like a princess for this special day. Some of them seem a bit complicated but with the help of a good hairstylist you will get throughout difficulties.   Formal Updo HairstylesGolden Locks

Side braids like this are perfect for any special occasion, particularly with cascading golden blonde and dark ash blonde locks. If you want to replicate this look you will need to achieve the color and only then think of styling. Long locks will provide you with a magnificent side braided style. However this design looks great because of a natural texture and dimension.Golden LocksChamomile Braided Look

Well, you can steal this model’s style for an amazing natural look. The first thing that grabs attention is her glittering blonde hair with subtle dark roots and chamomile shades. When it comes to styling, you will need to create a Dutch braid that runs from the front to the back that connects with a folded bun. Leave some hanging strands at the front for an attractive appeal.Chamomile Braided LookPonytail with Caramel and Beach Blonde

In this style the colorist made use of beach blonde and caramel colors together with light nut brown lowlights to create extra dimension and depth in this model’s long hair. The styling is pretty unique and it involves a folded braid in the center with sides slicked back and a curly ponytail. This is a hairstyle to make a fashion statement.Ponytail with Caramel and Beach BlondeChocolate and Caramel Waves

This model demonstrates a loose yet chic hairstyle with carefree curls all along the tips and a mass of ringlets at the back. Well, undoubtedly the design is incredible, but what about the color? The strands are colored with a blend of dark chocolate brown and caramel hues. However this hairdo ensures that you will be in the center of attention.    Chocolate and Caramel WavesCherry Brown Look

Why not to try something different and ask your stylist for a medieval braided hairstyle like this one. However the color will also help you to enhance the overall look of your braids. This particular color involves cherry brown shades for the greatest effect. The strands have a shine that make the hairdo stand out. With a design like this you will never go wrong.Cherry Brown Look