Screen Actors Guild Awards 2021 Long Wavy Hairstyles

Sunny Mabrey wavy hairstyle 2016How to Style: Start with dry hair. Apply hair cream from the top to the ends and curl your locks into loose waves by a wide curling iron. Brush the curls and then side part hair with a comb. Curl the long side bangs too keeping the top a bit voluminous. Spray hair spray as a finishing touch.

Laura Prepon Long Wavy Hairstyle

The monotone black hair color worn by Laura Prepon is one of the most beautiful shades for her light skin tone. It is more graceful in the long side parted wavy style which has a kind of vintage touch in it. This hairstyle makes her quite ritzy and elegant. It is perfect for long thick hair and can add some volume to fine lock. However long and fine hair may require layered cuts to be prettier and ideal in this style.Laura Prepon long wavy hairstyle 2016How to Style: Blow dry your damp hair and apply a little amount of hair cream on the top. Comb your hair to one side and curl the ends into relaxed waves. Fix the effect with hair spray.

Laverne Cox Wavy Hairstyle

Another long wavy hairstyle with a retro touch in is the following hairdo. It is a stunning dirty blonde loose wavy hairstyle for thick hair. Laverne Cox is so eye-catching in this style. It shows off all the charm of her long and luscious hair.Laverne Cox 2016 wavy hairstyleHow to Style: Apply hair cream on your looks and curl with a medium-sized curling iron. Try to keep the neat and clean look and avoid brushing. Fix the final effect by heavy hair spray. If you have long fringe blend it with the rest of your front strands or layers.

Nicole Kidman Long Wavy Hairstyle

The stylish wavy hairstyle represented by Nicole Kidman is really one of the best looks of the evening. This hairdo in alight blonde shade highlights her femininity and moreover, makes her look younger. Compared with the rest of loose wavy hairstyles it is daintier and prettier.2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards Nicole Kidman long wavy hairHow to Style: This style is created on a long layered haircut and seems to be a cute combo of straight and wavy styles. The top and the middle part is straight while the ends are flipped up into slight and light waves. The effect is fixed with light hair spray at the ends.

Lily Rabe Long Wavy Hairstyle

Being inspired by the retro Marcel waves Lily Rabe has opted for a long wavy side parted hairstyle. It works well with her entire look and makeup and compliments her hair type. Again thick-haired ladies can steal this hairdo for special occasions.Lily Rabe long wavy hairstyle 2016How to Style: Opt for vintage curls or the so called Marcel waves. Pull your curls to one side and spray hair spray. As for the bangs blend them with the rest of side parted waves.