2021 Pretty Updo Hairstyles for Midi Hair

Thank to your medium hair for its flexibility and pass on to discovering new hairstyle ideas for it. Whatever you may style you’ll surely need some cool updos which keep the hair out of the face and showcase your dainty facial features. Whether you have plans for a wedding, holiday or your birthday party you can always consider these updo hairstyles for medium hair in 2021. So, take a handful of bobby pins, hair spray and other products, comb and don’t forget about the mirror. Let’s start!Curly Updo Hairstyle for Medium Hair

I am just inpatient and want to let you know how this hairstyle is achieved. Start with dry hair. Tease the top part and spray hair spray. Then apply hair protective cream and curl the locks with medium sized curling iron into loose waves. Continue until you are done with all the tresses including the bangs. Then style a low and loose updo hairstyle on the back part securing the curls with bobby pins. Leave the bangs or short layers frame your face and finish with hair spray.curly updo for medium hair 2016French Twist Updo for Medium Hair

Need something neater, classier and more elegant? Here I offer you the trendy French twist updo hairstyle. Styling it on medium haircuts is quite easy if you bring hair to a sleek and soft effect before achieving the updo. In order to get the desired effect rub hair cream or oil and comb smoothly. Flat iron if it’s necessary and then use the twisting technique to get the tight and sleek style and create the updo with bobby pins.french twist updo for medium hair 2016Low Sleek Knot Hairstyle

Between so many easy to do hairstyle for medium hair sleek and low knot hairstyles have their special place. They are great office hairdos and perfectly g with second day or dirty hair. Apply hair styling cream on your locks and flat iron. Then rub hair oil for additional shine to bring out your fresh shade. Then go for a deep side parting and twist hair. Create a low knot hairstyle and fix it in its place with hair clippers.low sleek knot hairstyle 2016Messy Updo Hairstyle for Medium Hair

Actually messy updos are ideal for layered haircuts. If yours is a cool medium layered haircut then pick this lovely elegance and rock your date night. However this kind of messy updos are great for any formal occasion. So, start by teasing top part hair and spray hair spray. Then comb gently keeping the volume and curl the tips of layers into flipped waves with a small-sized curling iron. Achieve a messy updo hairstyle securing the waves with bobby pins. Pull your bangs to one side and frame your face with the shortest layers.messy loose updo hairstyle for medium hair 2016 COPYRIGHT © HAIRSTYLES, HAIRCUTS AND HAIR COLORS ON HAIRSTYLES_GALAXY.COM