2022 Runway Inspired Hairstyles

Embrace you natural texture, stock up with various hair accessories, flirt with fringe and use your imagination to style your hair according to the latest trends. It is not a secret that we, women, cannot imagine our life without new changes. Mind-blowing hairstyles from catwalks inspire us to opt for innovative hairstyle ideas. If you are looking for adventurous and playful hairstyles then you should definitely try out 2022 runway inspired hairstyles which are represented below. So, are you ready to start?

Moschino Runway Inspired Hairstyles 

In 2022 Moschino has already managed to come up with two runway shows. First was dedicated to spring/summer clothing line second happened recently where the models demonstrated spring/summer resort collection. Except breathtaking clothes, models hairstyles grabbed our attention as well. It was possible to see from pixie haircuts to long wavy hairstyles.

Moschino 2017

Models with pixie haircuts were rocking the stage. Brunettes and blondes had a chance to highlight their feminine face features. A retro touch was pretty obvious. Boosted volume made hair look thicker. Moschino proved that feminine pixies will always be trendy and stylish haircuts.

blonde pixie haircut moschino 2016
blonde pixie haircut moschino
Moschino model with short haircut 2016
Moschino model with short haircut

Moschino Resort collection was inspiring as well. Long and Medium length hairstyles were dominating. Popular model Miranda Kerr fetched attention with her long wavy locks.

Miranda Kerr long wavy hair Moschino 2017
Miranda Kerr long wavy hair Moschino

Dior Cruise

It is not a secret that slick pack hairstyle gain popularity this year and many celebrities appeared on the red carpet events with slicked back hair. Dior Fashion house also preferred to represent models with slicked back wet looking hairstyles. Classic clothing line became complete with these combed-back hairstyles.

Dior Cruise slick back hair 2017
Dior Cruise slick back hair
cool slick back hair Dior 2017
cool slick back hair Dior

Bec and Bridge Runway Show

Bec and Bridge brand’s hairstylists have decided to keep ponytails in the center of attention. Some models left cute strands on the face while others wore pony without falling strands and still they look glorious. A ponytail is an important part of our life and we will never give up wearing them and on runway shows ponies are appreciated as well.

High ponytail Bec and Bridge
High ponytail Bec and Bridge
Bec Bridge low poytail
Bec Bridge low poytail

Marc Jacobs 2021/2022 Runway Show

Marc Jacobs’s models were outstanding with their voluminous crimped hairstyles. Long crimped hair reminded us about retro styles when ladies used to crimp their hair and make it too voluminous. If you are looking for a volume and texture just take an example from pictures represented below! At least you will stand out of the crowd with such whimsical hairstyles.

Marc Jacobs cimped hair 207
Marc Jacobs cimped hair
Marc Jacobs voluminous hairstyle
Marc Jacobs voluminous hairstyle

By the way these are the latest hairstyles worn on runway shows. If you are looking for something new then get inspired by these hairstyles and pick up something for you. COPYRIGHT © HAIRSTYLES, HAIRCUTS AND HAIR COLORS ON HAIRSTYLES_GALAXY.COM