How to Deal with Dandruff

Every woman wants to have healthy and thick hair, however not everyone is blessed with fabulous tresses. There are several hair problems that can ruin your look like hair thinning, dry and frizzy hair as well as dandruff. All these problems can become a real hair disaster if you do not know proper hair care tips to deal with them.

how to deal with dandruff

One of the most common hair problems that you can face is dandruff. There are many factors that cause dandruff like harsh chemical products, improper hair care formulas as well as excessive usage of styling products like mousse or hairspray. Nowadays you can find zillion hair care products that promise you to deal with dandruff but most of them are either too expensive or simply useless. The best option to deal with dandruff is to use homemade recipes that are cheap and really efficient.

Fabulous Hair Styling Ideas for 2014

Glam up your look for new season with the following styling ideas that help will help you to leave behind bad hair days. From now on you will not have to turn to pro hairdresser to create attractive look, the following simple styling ideas will help you to create stunning look for your own.

Retro and vintage hairstyles have come back with new allure. The great advantage of such hairstyle is that it is suitable for all face shapes and hair textures. You can also create vintage waves and curls with the help of large barrel curling iron or hot rollers. After creating defined curls use your fingers or bristle brush to separate the curls and add volume to your hair. At last finish your look with shine serum.


big curly hairstyles for medium hair

curls ideas

curly long hairstyles 2014

curly medium hair2014

Braided hairstyles 2014 are still hot and trendy. Due to numerous braided styles and plaiting techniques you can create both simple and complicated styles. For youthful and feminine look create simple side braid or fishtail braid while for more sophisticated look you can combine classy bun with braided strands.

Anne Hathaway’s Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyle has been the most popular one in Celebville for a long time and many beauty bunnies changed their image from lovely dolls with long hair to lady seductresses with super short hairstyle. One of the latest celebrity makeovers that captured everyone’s attention was Anne Hathaway’s short haircut that became the topic of discussions immediately after her role in ”Les Miserables”.

Anne Hathaway's New Short Hairstyles Anne_Hathaway__short_brown__hairstyle

No one could say that Anne would look so feminine and gorgeous with short pixie haircut. Surely she had changed her image before but she’d never done total makeovers. With her vintage pixie haircut began new era of short styles and millions of women got inspiration from Anne Hathaway’s new short hairstyle. You can also get a dose of inspiration from her pictures.

Dark Hair Colors 2014

This summer dark hair colors are of great popularity especially for those who like natural hairstyle. When I say natural I really don’t mean boring or casual look. Dark hair color looks simply gorgeous if only hair is glossy and healthy. If you have already got natural dark hair and you simply want to upgrade your hairstyle you can go for numerous options and here are some of the best dark hair colors and coloring ideas for 2014.

Ombre_hair_color Ombre_hair

The easiest way to change your image and at the same time keep your natural hair color is to add few highlighted strands. It is already couple of years that hair highlighting has come back in modern hair trends and every year this collection is updated with new dazzling designs.

Curly Short Hairstyles 2014

Tired of your casual curly hairstyle? I offer you totally new ideas of curly short hairstyles that will transform your image and make you love your curls even more. The combination of two best styles will surely do a good thing to your image especially if you are not afraid of dramatic changes so let’s get started our trip to new hairstyles trends 2014.

Curly Short Hairstyles 2014 curly-bob-haircut

Those details have just one disadvatage; sometimes such combination is not suitable for face shapes like round or square so before chopping off hair you can learn more about curly short hairtsyles and examples that will be more suitable for different face shapes.

The owners of oval shape can experiment with even the boldest short haircut like pixie. For curly hair you can choose short pixie with longer bang that will give you more styling options. Short layered bob is also amazing option for oval face shape. Short curls will look so cute and feminine.

2014 Hair Trends to Try

Are you tired of your casual and boring image? If so, do not waste your time and opt for brand new haircut and hair color that will breathe life to your tresses. There are zillion styles for any taste and personality and it is not so difficult to find the most suitable style for but if you want to have ultra-hot and attractive look, you should definitely take a look at this selection of 2014 hair trends and inspire yourself for beautiful makeover.

The best way to stay in touch with the latest hair trends is to get some inspiration from celebs and beauty bunnies that rock the red carpet with the hottest hairstyles. All you have to do is to break out of your boring shell and get ready for beautiful makeover.

Blunt Bang hairstyle 2014

2014 blunt cut bangs

The main trend of new season is stylish blunt bang that can be a great alternative for those who do not want to make dramatic changes. This year blunt bang can be worn both massive eye brow sweeping and short baby bang. The most important thing is to find the one that will emphasize your facial features and at the same time hide your little faults.

Ombre Hair Color 2014

2014 ombre hair color

Short hairstyles for 2014

I would like to represent you short hairstyles pictures for 2014. As you know short hairstyles have a huge choice for every face shape and for woman of any age they are very popular everywhere and this year as well.

2014 Red short hairstyles

2014 short hairstyle with bangs

Blonde short hairstyles

Cropped short haircut 2014

Red Hair Colors 2014

Provide your tresses with a dose of fashion-forward transformation with the alternatives of hottest red hair colors 2014! Go for vibrant copper, auburn or mahogany tints or rock out the sexiest tones in rich and flooded hues of Venetian reds, burgundy or deep cherry!

Pick one of these red hair colors 2014 eye grabbing tones of red hair color for an outstanding transformation! Brighten up your short, medium or long hairstyles with a fierce fresh hue. When selecting a red tone, make certain to match it to your skin complexion. If you are warm-toned, pick up for coppers rather than cooler cherry or purple tones of red. Cool skin complexion can be successful almost for all hues of red!





Sport a rockin’ hairstyle and make certain you compliment it with a hot hue that would emphasize your best features.  The red hair colors 2014 preserves your look faultlessly and would also carry out your sex-appeal and beautiful attraction. Shake the trend like a real professional and match the desired shade to your face tone as well as texture.

Celebrity Summer Updo Hairstyles 2014

The most important red carpet events like the Oscars and the Golden Globe have already taken place and celebrities have already set trends in hairstyle, makeup and fashion. 2014 red carpet events were more sophisticated with a lot of elegant images and no wonder why up-do hairstyles were so often seen on the red carpet. I have prepared amazing selection of celebrity summer up-do hairstyles 2014 so if you are in need of some inspiration just take a look at these pictures and find some new ideas.

celebrity summer hairstyles 2014Zoe_Saldana_hairstyle

For summer stylists offer more flirty and feminine styles like side bun or side twist. The best idea of side bun is Any Poehler’s beautiful low bun that she wore for 2014 Golden Globes. There is nothing complicated about styling such up-do. Slightly undone hairstyle with few flyaway strands will boost your sexuality and natural beauty.

Hair Color Trends 2014

It looks as if that the new season is shedding some light on an assortment of extra trendy hair color ideas that can inspire you become a trendsetter. From the cutest monochromes to the coolest color combos, these hair color trends 2014 will dare you to resist them, so look through the innovative attractive looks and draw inspiration for your upcoming makeover!

If you consider that blondes really have more fun, you couldn’t be more mistaken as women who wish to show up their uniqueness and style through hot haircuts and up to the minute hair tinting have the greatest fun as there is nothing more liberating than wearing a look that you feel super comfortable in. If you are searching for an up-to-date take on hair tinting, have a look at the presented hair color trends 2014 and draw inspiration for your next makeover. You do not have to follow the newest trends to look hot and hair color ideas are intended to develop you into a trend setter, so take courage to go a little bolder than in common and allow your fancy take you on unfamiliar but safe grounds.





If you are thinking of turn your hair tint to an exclusive shade as hair color trends 2014 suggest and be completely unique than your present one, a professional attitude is always the best selection. A pro hair stylist surely knows how to mix the dyes as hair color offer and how long to permit the color to sit on your tresses to finish up with a sizzling, luscious hair tint rather than a dull color and dry/damaged tresses.